About me.


My name is Victor Ruiz, I’m a 34 years old guy from Barcelona (Spain) currently working as a 3D artist at SocialPoint.

I have been working in the 3D industry for more than 13 years, from archviz, advertisement, motion graphics…and for the last 7 years I’m working in the video game industry.

Here you can check other works that are not related with videogames: https://www.behance.net/victorruiz

Published titles

  • Despicable Me : Minion Rush  Gameloft
  • Sixguns Gameloft
  • Tintin : The secret of the unicorn, The mobile game (main menu art) Gameloft
  • Ice Age Village (minor collaboration)  Gameloft
  • Fantasy Town (minor collaboration)  Gameloft
  • Stargate: Unleashed Episode 1  Arkalis Interactive
  • Stargate: Unleashed Episode 2  Arkalis Interactive

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